Small and Popular Book Haunts – Bangalore Books

It isn’t tough finding a book store in the city these days. There is a book store in almost every corner, with a new one coming up every other day. We spent a happy day browsing through some of the old, small and popular of the lot. Here’s an easy walk through.

Premier Bookstore
46/1 Church Street,
Next to Night Watchman Pub,
Bangalore – 560001.
Tel – 080-25588570

Yes it’s tiny and with books piled up to the ceiling it looks like Natalia’s Bookhouse every second book is going to fall off the rack. But that’s what makes Premier Bookstore special to generations of booklovers. You get a discount on the marked price and can interact with the now legendary owner T Shanbag, who knows exactly where a book is kept in the entire maze. If not, take your own time and make surprising discoveries. Not however for those who do not like clutter and are claustrophobic. There were rumors of the store closing once upon a time but thankfully it has survived. Be warned however that they shut for lunch between 1.30 PM and 3 PM.

Blossom’s Book Store
84/6, Opp. Ameoba, Church Street,
Bangalore – 560001.
Tel – 080-25559733

It’s spread over three floors and you can go up the second and third floors for the real hunt. Blossom’s as it’s popularly called, has books on every possible subject, including a large collection of old and used books. Every subject, from Yoga to War Comics is available here. They also offer a great collection of children’s books. The other favorite part of several customers is the (often) whopping discount when you finally present your loot at the billing counter. Books are organized under labels here.

Strand Book Stall
S-113 & 114, Manipal Centre,
Dickenson Road, Bangalore – 560042.
Tel – 080-25580000

Whether it’s the Mumbai Strand or its equally famous Bangalore namesake, the discounts are always talked after. You get a minimum 20% discount on every purchase. The Annual Strand Book Fair is quite an event. Books here are quite neatly organized. The store organizes book readings as well. Books on every possible topic are available.