Hinge – Small in Size But Big on Strength

Sometimes it is the smallest of things that make the biggest difference. Look at the hinge for instance. Some say it is the greatest invention after the wheel. It is used every day in every home and we couldn’t live without them.

There are many different types of hinge available today. Rather than dragging yourself to every hardware store in the tri-state area, why not shop online? You can see the vast array of hinges available and find the ones you really want instead of settling for what you can find locally. From butt hinges to t-strap hinges, decorative and concealed hinges the only way to see them all is to shop online. You can browse the world of hinges with the click of a button from the comfort of your home.

There a lot of different hinges on the market today. They vary in size, thickness and use. Some are even marked left or right handed depending on what side of the door you are going to use them on. This doesn’t really matter though because you can simply flip them over and they become left or right handed as needed. You also really can’t go to small because of the strength of hinges. They are generally eight to ten times stronger than the job they are doing so as long as they are proportional to the door you needn’t worry.
One of the most common types of hinge is the butt hinge. It consists of two flaps with screw holes held together by a pin or rod. It is most often used on doors and cabinets. Another360 degree hinges for cabinet door common type of hinge is the t-strap hinge. This hinge is shaped like the letter T with the horizontal part attaching to the frame and the vertical part attaching to the door. This type of hinge is usually seen on garage doors and box or chest lids and can be decorative. It ranges in styles from colonial to art deco and beyond.

Some people don’t like to see their hinge at all. In this case they should invest in Soss or Blum hinges. They are recessed into to the door and frame so they are completely concealed when the door closes. There are also gate hinges for gates and piano hinges which are continuous hinges used on pianos and other things that you want to open completely.

They type of hinge you choose depends on the type of door you have as well as your tastes. There are three types of door, lipped, overlay and flush. Lipped doors have a lip around them, an overlay door rests on the door frame and a flush door rests within the frame. If you have an overlay door a popular hinge that works well is the pivot hinge. A decorative butterfly hinge works well on flush doors while some hinges work on all three types. A well-liked hinge that works on all doors is the spring loaded hinge. This hinge has a spring in it that makes the door close all by itself. Once you find the right hinge your project will be complete.