Fantasy Football Stock Watch – Joseph Addai RB IND Colts

Entering the 2007 football season, Colts RB Joseph Addai’s name has been a hot topic among fantasy drafters. As with any fantasy football draft, RB’s dominate the first two rounds and Addai will be one of many chosen among that group. The question that concerns Addai is: How high do you draft him?? and is he a true number one back?

The answer to the latter question is easy so let’s get that one out of the way. Yes Addai สมัคร ufabet สมาชิกใหม่ is a number 1 fantasy back who has the talent to put up good to great numbers in his second year in the league. The former question is where it gets tricky.

As far as yours truly is concerned, I believe that Joseph Addai is the fifth best back in fantasy football and should be drafted no lower than that spot. By now some of your think I have lost my lid since he has not proven himself over a full season and there are questions whether he can handle a full load of carries throughout the course of the year.

I say that he can handle them and I believe Addai will be a fantasy star. Coming out of LSU, Addai was known as a tough inside runner who also has the speed to get outside and gain extra yardage. Blessed with good hands, Addai is also a good receiver who will be even more beneficial to those in points/reception leagues. The Colts’ offense is probably the most efficient unit in the league and Addai will do his fair share to keep it that way.

Look for around 1,300 yards on the ground with another 50 receptions. That sounds like numnber one back numbers to me and is the reason why you should draft him at number 5 over Shaun Alexander.