Cloth Tape

Adhesive tapes are used commonly worldwide for a variety of applications, there are many different type of tape, each have different strengths, uses and are made from different materials. Cloth tape is in fact one of the strongest types and is widely and more commonly known as Duct Tape.

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In the past tradesmen and people in the engineering circle used to refer to it as ‘The Ultimate Material’ this was because of its holding power and versatility. In situation where tape is needed and exposure to the elements poses a concern Cloth tape is often the choice, it is also the preferred choice when a flexible strong adhesive is required.

A very large industry they rely heavily on it is the Motor sports industry, they have been using Cloth tape for over 40 years, they rely on it to repair (hold together) damaged fibreglass bodywork. They refer to it with a different name: Racers Tape. It is exactly the same except manufactured in a wide adhesive tape manufacturers range of colours, these are designed specially to match the motor vehicles colour schemes.

Cloth tape has become readily available online in a range of colours with one type being Camouflage. This tape is designed for military use along with fishing and hunting equipment, it works great in repairing of the hunting equipment.

Transparent Duct Tape is also available making repair less obvious, it is also claimed to last longer (however this claim is from its manufacturer) and not a proven fact.

If you search the internet it is likely you will fin many other variations for many different uses.